"Defending Santa" with Jud Tylor & John Savage & Gary Hudson

- booked a National AT&T U-verse Commercial. Thanks to Julia Kim Casting!

- Webseries "We Are Fathers" BadDaddy Films was picked up by Paradigm for distribution. My role as Dani was revived for a second episode.

- Filmed Indie Short "Incredulous." Stay tuned.

- Shot with Photography Virtuoso Wayne Schoenfeld: "The Final Judgment received an 8 pg spread in British High Fashion Magazine  "10TEN" FASHION MONTHLY August 2014




"Shades of Maggie Gyllenhaal I dare say, MARISA’s spunky confidence and sexy nuances, (contributes) to her doubly magnetic qualities."

-Haren Yong from Actress & Life Obsession




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